"It’s like the sun set in your eyes and never wanted to rise" - The XX

Same blog, new URL!

No more http://underkarrstruction.tumblr.com/

It’s http://karrbrizuela.tumblr.com/ now!

Same content, same love. Appreciate. <3

Holga Fisheye K200-nm | Fujifilm color 100

Color shots and double exposed!

Holga Fisheye K200-nm | Fujifilm b&w 100

Trial shots with the cool kids! Not bad for a first! >_<

My new baby! Holga K-200nm Fisheye lomo cam (yellow). Still thinking for a name. Hmmm? Gotta start learning the art of lomography! hihi <3

Hello finals, bye term break.

city lights

by request

dream away with me

my spot away from home